Today is a special day for me. I will appreciate that if you would like to pray for me as l am stand with the Lord today. Asking for a strength and faith. I will be the voice for ADA (American with Disabilities Act). Amen


Here is the live stream for March 25th with fees.

Hello All,

My name is Ruth Herman, and I am an undergraduate student at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. My principle focus of study is Political Science and Services to the Deaf, culminating in my individual research on Political Participation of the Deaf community. I have noticed that there is a lack of research regarding the Deaf community and their political participation in Presidential Elections.

This survey is part of my thesis work to better understand the Deaf community’s voting habits, motivation for voting, and potential barriers. I need your help! This survey is both in written English and signed in ASL and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. I hope to have more than 100 responses by April – Please forward this to as many Deaf/Hard of Hearing people as you can. []

I believe that this study can be a great tool for advocating accessible voting locations and resources for Deaf voters. Additionally, this may assist in building a foundation for the Political Science field to further investigate Deaf Voter trends as a minority culture which will bring issues that matter to the Deaf community to the forefront of modern-day policy discussions. This study is IRB approved and entirely voluntary. Raw data will be destroyed after analyzing and identifying the information needed for my thesis.

Thank you,

Ruth Herman