Missoula Club of the Deaf News

By Kirk Hash, Jr., President

Howdy to all these deaf and hard of hearing people across the state of Montana.

Let us see what we had done so far - We had our MCD regular meeting via Zoom on Saturday, September 12, 2020. We held our discussion and made our decision to suspend our membership dues and annual social events indefinitely due to the state emergency because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which was occurring in Montana and all over the nation since March 2020 and continuing this year. We also agreed that our health and safety should come first as our top priority, not for MCD only but for the Deaf

community in Missoula too. We hope once the COVID-19 pandemic disappears from our public view and then everything will go back to normal, perhaps next autumn 2021 or later – possibly the year 2022. As of right now, it is difficult for us to predict when it will end in the timeline until we finally get our vaccine once it becomes available to the public. That is something we have to look forward to that.

Also, we agreed to keep up with our news and information for other MCD members and members of the Deaf community monthly via either Zoom or meeting somewhere in Missoula, where we have to wear our masks and practice social distancing.

Our next MCD regular meeting will be on Saturday, January 9, 2021, via Zoom possibly.

Please stay healthy and safe! Enjoy your holidays! Let’s hope the year 2021 will be much better than the year 2020!

We are entering the last month of the year! We made though the year of 2020. We had a meeting last month to discuss about Christmas Party. We decide to change since people want to be safe from COVID, we understand.

Instead having Christmas Party. We will post Christmas Stories sign by deaf people in Bozeman! We will post every Saturday for the deaf children to watch! Yay

Watching out for our post on Facebook. :)

~GAD Chapter Representative Cille Patten