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About Us (BSAAD)

The Big Sky Athletic Association of the Deaf (BSAAD) was organized on August 14, 1971 after the men played softball in the invitational game in Twin Falls, Idaho. The present name—the Big Sky Recreation Association of the Deaf (BSRAD) was adopted on May 11, 1991.

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Mission Statement

The meetings are held at least twice a year and the membership dues are $10 annually from August 1 to July 31. The recreation program includes annual campout in July and bowling tournament in October for anyone who is interested. BSRAD sponsors men’s basketball team that participates in the NorthWest Association of the Deaf Basketball (NWADB) annually. BSRAD sponsors a bowling team of bowlers who bowl in the United States Bowling Congress USBC) sanctioned league to participate in the NorthWest Bowling Association of the Deaf (NWBAD). The various recreation events are announced in the MAD newsletters and the MAD web.

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Strategic Objectives
  • To promote the recreational interests of the members​

  • To establish, regulate, and award the recreation tournaments/contests of the Association.

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