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About Us (GAD)

The Gallatin Association of the Deaf is the youngest non-profit organization of four non-profit organizations of the Deaf in Montana.  GAD just became one year old recently in April. As of today, there are 23 Deaf and hearing members.

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Mission Statement

GAD Mission Statement... Still in progress

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Strategic Objectives
  • To teach ASL (American Sign Language) to people. Some people, who already know sign language, are encouraged to improve their communication skills by using ASL.

  • To teach about Deaf culture, which helps us build a bridge to connect both the hearing and Deaf worlds.

  • To develop better communication within the Gallatin County and to work with other Deaf communities like Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula to build a stronger connection.

  • S.E.E., (Signed Exact English), is being used with Montana Deaf children and adults, and in other more rural areas, and is not considered our official language. It is not used in Universities, and demotes education within the Deaf society in our country. I personally feel that since the members of Gallatin Association of the Deaf have become aware of the official American Sign Language, ASL, they finally fell pride and comfort in using it. We take on the responsibility of educating others about ASL.

  • It is additionally hoped that we can encourage more sign language interpreters using ASL in our area due to a higher demand.

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