Missoula Club of the Deaf (MCD)


The Missoula Club of the Deaf chapter was organized in 1942 as the third chapter under the Montana Association of the Deaf, following the Great Falls Club of the Deaf chapter and the Beartooth Club of the Deaf chapter in Billings.

Mission of the Missoula of the Deaf:

According to the Missoula Club of the Deaf bylaws, the objects of the MCD shall be to further the social and educational interest of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community and to promote the civil rights of the deaf/hard of hearing people.

About the Missoula Club of the Deaf:

The Missoula Club of the Deaf chapter meets at the Eagles Lodge, which is located at 2420 South Avenue West (across from the ShopKo store and a short distance from the Rosauers supermarket) on every second Saturday from September to May at @ 4 PM, depending on any special circumstances. We tend to hold three meetings a year (September, January and April) and also offer social events (such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and our annual picnic or even a campout) where members and visitors gather at. You are welcome to attend and observe these meetings and social events anytime you would like.

If you are interested of getting more information about the Missoula Club of the Deaf itself or anything else, you can contact Kirk Hash, Jr., MCD President at [See contact section below] or Jeff Whitney, MCD Secretary.

If you are really interested of joining the Missoula Club of the Deaf as a new member, contact Denise Whitney, MCD Treasurer, and it will be ten dollars ($10.00) for a yearly MCD membership. It can be renewed annually, beginning in every September.

Location of MCD Regular Meetings:

Eagles Lodge

2420 South Avenue West
Missoula, MT 59801

MCD Officers


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Kirk Hash Jr



Vice President

Gwen Pederson




Denise Whitney




Shawna Meyer


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Jeff Whitney


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Missoula Club

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