The State Rehabilitation Council is seeking to fill a Disability Advocate seat on the Council. This Council meets 4x/year in various towns to review, analyze and advise Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Service programs. The Council also reviews the State Plan and writes the annual Governor’s Report. Your input as a person with disability who received or are currently receiving vocational rehabilitation services will be valued. A Deaf person resigned from the Council a few months ago. If you have questions or want more information, please email Shawn Tulloch.

More information about the Council can be found on SRC website.

Contact Shawn Tulloch for an application and instructions. She can be reached via email (

Give a big shout out to the Montana team for winning in multiple tournaments events. Here’s the result:

Single Events:

3rd Place- Jeff Richards

6th Place- Jason Miller

Double Team:

1st Place- Tyler Hansen/Jeff Richards

6th Place- Larry Eide/Jason Miller

Team Events:

1st Place- “Montana Fireball” Tyler/Jeff/Jason/Larry

Single Eliminations:

1st Place: Tyler Hansen

9th Place: Jason Miller

11th Place: Jeff Richards

12th Place: Larry Eide

All Events:

1st Place- Jeff Richards

Thank you for all for your support and wish us again next year