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About Us (MCD)

The Missoula Club of the Deaf chapter was organized in 1942 as the third chapter under the Montana Association of the Deaf, following the Great Falls Club of the Deaf chapter.​

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Mission Statement

According to the Missoula Club of the Deaf bylaws, the objects of the MCD shall be to further the social and educational interest of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community and to promote the civil rights of the deaf/hard of hearing people. 


If you are interested of getting more information about the Missoula Club of the Deaf itself or anything else, you can contact Kirk Hash, Jr., MCD President at [See contact section below] or Jeff Whitney, MCD Secretary.

If you are really interested of joining the Missoula Club of the Deaf as a new member, contact Denise Whitney, MCD Treasurer, and it will be ten dollars ($10.00) for a yearly MCD membership. It can be renewed annually, beginning in every September.

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Strategic Objectives
  • To create and maintain a close friendly bond and a spirit of good fellowship among deaf persons and their friends.

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