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Super Bowl Deaf Performers 2024

Repost from NAD Social Media;

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), LOVE SIGN (Love Sign by Rosebyander), and the NFL proudly announce that Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 11, 2024 will feature Deaf performers Daniel N. Durant, Anjel Piñero, and Shaheem Sanchez during pregame festivities. Actor Daniel Durant, who starred in the Academy Award-winning movie “CODA,” will perform the National Anthem in ASL; actress and model Anjel Piñero will sign “America the Beautiful;” and Shaheem Sanchez, actor, dancer, and choreographer, will sign “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Sanchez will also perform the ASL Halftime Show. The ASL pre-game performances and the ASL Halftime show will be produced in partnership with Alexis Kashar of LOVE SIGN and Howard Rosenblum of the NAD. Information on where to best watch these sign language performances will be shared when it becomes available.

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